Beyond our SEO offerings and website design services, we also offer complete website maintenance services to give you the experience and peace of mind that you need. Even if we didn't design or host your website, we can maintain your existing site and do everything from security updates, to keeping the content up to date. 

Website maintenance can improve your website in many ways, including:

  • Keeping your website CMS system up to date, to protect from hacking.
  • Improving speed and performance, and reducing downtime.
  • Improving search rank through repeated changes that help drive traffic to your website.
  • Keeping content new, and fresh by avoiding out of date and incorrect information. 
  • Website security to identify and fix problems before, or after they occur.  
  • Ensuring your website stays up to keep your business growing, rather than focusing on tech support fixes after-the-fact.

We have been maintaining websites for over 22 years, and have helped keep websites secure, updated, and relevant, by ensuring the latest updates are implemented. One common threat to the security of the internet, is poor planning, and lack of understanding of how websites are maintained or updated. In fact, while it is important to keep your information updated for your business, it's also important to keep up to date on regular threats that can not only take down your business, but expose you to costly lawsuits. 

Don't think you need website maintenance? Here are some links to describe why maintenance is important, and how in can impact your business. This is not including keeping your content updated; the focus of these links is about online security, and technical flaws in all modern websites.

Resource Links

Most of these research links are current, from as recent as November 2016, and provide information about how hackers are not only disrupting the internet, but can be a threat to your website, and business. 

Can you be liable if your website is hacked and your customers information is exposed?

Research Shows cyber criminals are using out-of-date CMS websites (including Joomla and Wordpress), to hijack website traffic:

WordPress is the most hacked Website platform:

Millions of websites at risk of remote takeover hacks:

Malicious Javascript code is being used by hackers to hijack websites:

Crooks use popular website platform to install ransomeware:

Simple code to promote social media on your website can be used for fraudulent activities and information theft:

SQL injection attacks can threaten website security, thefts to financial info, and even disrupt electoral boards:

Out-of-date website is likely to blame for the hospital website being hacked:

Bug can allow hackers access to your administration control panels; millions of websites at risk:

Critical vulnerabilities in websites a serious threat:

Joomla vulnerability allows hackers to exploit website "backdoors," to take over websites.

Secure Your Website Now

As you can see, security is no minor issue, and requires regular maintenance to ensure that your website not only doesn't go down, but that your business data is kept secure. Make it Active, LLC is here to serve your website maintenance needs, to help to ensure these security flaws don't happen to you. While hacking is always possible, in our years of doing this, we have only had 2 websites hacked; the most recent was 2008. We take security very seriously, and attempt to plug every security hole that can put your website at risk.