National SEO

National SEO

As a USA-based company, with our office located in Dover, NH, we have performed SEO services for many national and international clients.

There are differences between performing search engine optimization for a business that is looking to achieve results nationally, that isn't the same as local businesses trying to grow in one particular city or region. Some businesses aren't local; but need to reach more visibility online throughout the country, and might not necessarily care about international traffic; e.g. a retail store that only serves the united states.

We have a process in place for these types of businesses needing SEO on a national level. Since we actually live in the USA, and don't outsource our work as many providers do, it gives us an edge in terms of how we work with clients, and how we are able to achieve results.

Our SEO Process



SEO begins by meeting and coming up with a plan after determining your company's goals and objectives.


Search Engine Optimization services are provided, taking into account your keyword goals, and the desired result of the SEO campaign.


After a month or so has elapsed and the data are in, we gather the results and provide them for your review.


SEO is ongoing because your competitors are also doing SEO. Consistent results require continued SEO.

Why To Choose Us

Search Engine Optimization100%
Social Media75%
Google Street View Tours100%
AdWords Management75%
Customer Satisfaction100%

We Offer More


Ready for a new website, but want a company that can take the lead in the creative process, while incorporating your current website content?.

We can create a new website for your business with as little, or as much, involvement as you need.

Website Design

Website Maintenance

Need your existing website maintained, kept up-to-date, and kept secure?

We offer a variety of website maintenance services.

Website Maintenance

Reputation Management

Successful businesses manager their reputation online. This involves regularly monitoring your reputation, and responding to customers.

Don't wait until it's too late. It's much easier to resolve issues, but when you can't, we're here to help.

Reputation Management

Services We Offer to Businesses In The USA

Make it Active is a local American business, focusing on growing other businesses in the United States. Our marketing professionals were raised here (NJ, CA, AZ), and believe in helping other American businesses succeed from our experience. This is a selection of services that we provide to help businesses of any size flourish.

Search Engine Optimization

Make your website easy to find

SEM / Search Engine Marketing

PPC (Pay-per-click) Advertising


Start selling your product online

Tradeshow Consulting

We help manage your tradeshows

Social Media

We can manage your company social media

Printing Services

We offer full color printing

01. About Us

Make it Active, LLC is a full service Marketing Agency located in Dover, NH, just minutes from Portsmouth.

We offer digital marketing services, including SEO, Website Design, Marketing, and graphic design.

About Us

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    New Company Logo
    Make it Active, LLC, one of the leading USA owned and operated marketing companies is introducing our new logo. We decided to create a new logo after over 25 years of using our previous logo. Learn more here.
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    When it comes to growing or sustaining a business, one thing all smart business owners should know is the importance of ROI. Paying attention to the return on investment is imperative if you want to not only sustain your business, but watch it grow. If you spend money on something specifically to increase revenue and grow your business, and it
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