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No Contract SEO Services

No contract SEO services provide short term or ongoing search engine optimization services without long term contracts. When it comes to optimizing websites for search engines, we are confident in our abilities to perform SEO. In fact, we are so sure we can help, that we don't need to pressure you into a contract for SEO. Sometimes businesses and organizations only need short term SEO services to help promote a local event, sale, or cause. In cases like these, it often doesn't make sense to sign up for a long term contract; depending on whether or not the event, sale, etc, will be repeated in the future.

In cases like this, we recommend signing up with our short term, no contract SEO services. These SEO maintenance plans provide the level of service you would expect from us, without the long term contract. This makes it easy to stop when you need to, while still getting the benefit of temporarily improved ranking for your website. This also gives clients the opportunity to confirm whether or not we are the right fit, and actually deliver SEO results (we do). No contract SEO is the way to go for most businesses looking to verify results before making any long term commitment. 

Before signing a contract with any SEO agency, it's important to do some research to make sure they can deliver, and will dedicate actual time to your project. Our clients can attest to this; we go above and beyond to help our clients succeed, providing consistent results, year after year. In fact, most of our clients that start off without a contract, retain us for years after seeing the results that we offer. One of our clients have been using our no contract SEO services since fall of 2016, and they are still on the same plan; they are just in a volatile industry and don't want, nor need, to explain why they don't want to sign a contract. We're okay with that!

We have worked with clients only needing SEO services for a short time that wanted to ensure that their website was successful prior to committing. We have also worked with several clients who were new to doing search engine optimization, and were hesitant in signing a contract because they had been burned in the past. In fact, this is a common thing we hear from clients; that their current SEO company is providing little to no results. This is enough to make anyone skeptical about SEO and how it can help businesses succeed. Our no contract SEO plans work great for our clients, and I'm sure we can help make them work for you!

Our SEO Process



SEO begins by meeting and coming up with a plan after determining your company's goals and objectives.


Search Engine Optimization services are provided, taking into account your keyword goals, and the desired result of the SEO campaign.


After a month or so has elapsed and the data are in, we gather the results and provide them for your review.


SEO is ongoing because your competitors are also doing SEO. Consistent results require continued SEO.

Don't Get Stuck With an SEO Contract

Need to rank higher on search engines, but concerned with SEO companies pushing contracts on you? You've come to the right place! While there are good reasons for doing long-term SEO, and contracts can provide value, when you are testing your feet in the water, sometimes you don't feel like diving right in. We understand that, which is why we offer no contract SEO services to take the sting out of improving your presence online.
This is what an actual client had to say about our SEO Agency:

Brian and his team have been nothing more than miraculous, from virtual tours to Search Engine Optimization and marketing, Brian is pivotal in helping my client's franchise business get found on search engines but especially via Google Searches and other marketing... getting the word out to our local New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts locations.

David Bloch

Don't Sign A Contract!

Don't Sign A Contract!

Talk to us first, we offer multiple plans for all business sizes.

Our goal is to provide a good return on investment. That's why our clients stay with us!



$500 /Month
  • Analytics
  • Semi-annual Reports
  • 5 Keywords
  • -
  • -
  • -


$1000 /Month
  • Dedicated time (Weekly)
  • Analytics Reports
  • Quarterly Reports (Detailed)
  • 15 Keywords
  • -
  • -


Find out which plan is best for your company

We Will Match Prices!

We will match any local competitors price, but they won't be able to match our level of service and success! We are so sure that we are better than the competition, that we will match any local competitor's price for up to one year for similar SEO and online marketing services.* Give us a call at 603-814-9234 or Contact us via email for more information.

* We will match competitors pricing for similar services under similar terms. Must have a written proposal or verified pricing for us to match.

Website SEO Analysis

No contract SEO is great for small businesses that want to see how SEO can benefit their company. It's also great for businesses that were burned after signing a long term contract with a local SEO company. By using our services, you have the opportunity to reap the rewards of having a professional SEO company represent you, while not having a commitment to sign. Don’t let long term commitments stop you! Sign up with one of our no contract SEO plans today. Need more info on how we can help? Get a free audit of your website now:

REAL No-Contract SEO

Are you nervous about committing to working with the wrong company? Do you want to make sure you are making the right decision? Our no-contract SEO plans are for you! Perhaps you need even more reassurance that Make it Active is the right choice... Perhaps you have had issues with companies in the past? Well, we have a solution!

If you have a few companies in mind to run SEO for your business, we suggest the following: Come up with some questions by researching a little more about SEO. Make sure that you know the questions you will ask, that you research the questions thoroughly for relevance, and that you have an idea of what the most accurate and/or correct answer is. Then, call both companies, make sure you are speaking to the person who would be doing the SEO, and ask the questions that you have prepared. Why are we so confident in our abilities? Because we are marketing professionals that have been doing this for more than 25 years.

Most web development companies are run by graphic designers or coders, who may know how to draw far better than we can, but don’t actually understand what it takes to correctly optimize a website for search engines. Many companies add SEO to their list of services because they want the recurring business income that it brings, not because they are actually experts in performing search engine optimization.

We hire expert graphic designers to do logos and other design projects, but not to market our business... neither should you. Make sure you are hiring professionals that know what proper search engine optimization is.

We can help grow your business with SEO.

Whether you are a small mom and pop shop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, or a large company in Boston, Massachusetts, we work hard to help you achieve your goals.

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