Marketing Services

A marketing agency with over 25 years of proven results. While some focus on potentials, we live in the real world, and focus on strategy to get you where you want to go using lean marketing principles. We offer a variety of traditional and digital marketing services and work with businesses of all sizes. Our clients make up businesses of all sizes, including large international manufacturing companies, to local independent auto repair shops.

Marketing Services

We offer complete marketing solutions without the bs.

Trade Show Consulting
Complete tradeshow management: from start to finish
Direct Marketing
Traditional marketing services for any type of business
Digital Marketing
Digital marketing services: From SEO to Google Ads management
Marketing Consultant
Active marketing strategies to help businesses grow
Managing ad campaigns and analyzing advertising strategies
Mail Marketing
Mail marketing services: from planning to analyzing results
Lead Generation
Generating leads through traditional and digital campaigns
Marketing Research
Stay competitive with traditional marketing research

Our Process



First we help develop a plan to meet the needs of your company.


The next step is to prepare the marketing campaign.


The third step is to take care of any deliverables for the project.


The final step is to evaluate the results of the campaign to determine what needs to be adjusted for the next campaign.

Why To Choose Us

Planning & Strategy85%
Customer Satisfaction100%
Why to choose us


We have offered most of the same marketing services since 1994. We're not a fly-by-night company, and instead, have built our reputation on consistent growth, stability, and performance. Our marketing services are reasonably priced, professionally done, and reliably completed. Whether you are looking for traditional marketing services for a company in Pheonix or need Boston SEO services, we can handle all of your marketing needs. We also offer full graphic design, promotional products, and full color printing services for local and national clients.

Trade Show Consulting

Our trade show coordinators and offer complete trade show preparation and management for trade shows and events. This included trade show planning, scheduling, vendor relations, booth staff training, analysis, follow up, personal trade show attendants when you have additional staffing needs, and tradeshow consulting.

Digital Marketing

We've been doing digital marketing before it had a name. We have offerred professional website design and online marketing since 1994, and were one of the earliest companies to offer SEO, search engine marketing, and Google Street View virtual tours for businesses. We offer a variety of digital marketing services, including graphic design, logo design, and social media marketing, and so much more.

A Brief History Of Make it Active

Make it Active original started in the early 90's in Los Angeles, eventually relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid 1990's during the internet boom. After years of doing business in Silicon Valley, the company moved back to Los Angeles, and continued working with clients throughout the country. By 2003, the company had changed its name, and soon welcomed new partnerships that would help grow the company even further. By 2008, Make it Active was well known throughout Southern California, and had built a solid reputation for digital marketing, website design, and SEO.

In 2015, the owners of the company made a permanent relocation on the other side of the country to Dover, NH. All existing clients were notified of this changed and were transferred to a competitor with the same skills as the owners of Make it Active. So, with a new home in New Hampshire, the owners spent 2015 growing the business, and by 2016, was already well known throughout the region, and had many clients from as close as Boston, MA, to as far away as Los Angeles, CA.

Now, Make it Active, LLC has clients throughout the world, and continues growing with a variety of local and national businesses utilizing its services. In 2018, the company was featured on several local and national media outlets, including FOX Business, which ran a story on the company on a variety of their programs. Make it Active continues expanding, and earning new clients, while having one of the highest retention rates in the industry due to customer loyalty and the quality of services offered.
Our office is located just minutes from Portsmouth, NH,
and less than an hour from Boston, MA and Portland, ME.


42 Dover Point Rd, Unit M, Dover, NH 03820

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Phone Number

Sales: (603) 814-9234

01. About Us

Make it Active, LLC is a full service Marketing Agency located in Dover, NH, just minutes from Portsmouth.

We offer complete marketing solutions, including SEO, Website Design, Marketing, as well as graphic design and printing.

About Us

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    Start the year off right by utilizing digital marketing to grow your business. Learn how to use Google Analytics to gain insights into how consumers engage with businesses online. Learn best practices analyzing customer trends, SEO / Search Engine Optimization, and how to turn this data into results!
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    That's Not Google Calling...
    This is a regular occurrence for our business, and I’m sure it is for yours as well. You’re in the middle of something, whether it’s speaking with a customer, or trying to get some work done, when all of a sudden you hear the phone ring. When you answer it, you hear a robocall voice telling you there is a
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