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Video Marketing For Any Size Company

We offer Video marketing services for companies of all sizes throughout the US. Whether your company is a large national business looking for a jingle, or a small business looking for a short explainer video, we can help!
Video Jingles
We offer professional jingles and can provide video, voice, and music
Video Commercial
Let us create a commercial that can be used for you to share your message
Marketing Videos
We can create a concise video to promote your products or services
Explainer Videos
We can make something for social media campaigns, client education, and training
Tell Your Story

We can help you
tell your story the best way

We offer full video marketing services to create eye-catching videos to promote your product or service. We have 3 tiers for our marketing video production services:
  • Our low-budget video marketing tier includes a basic 15 second to 3 minute video, and is recorded by a member of our staff. These videos usually include photos, stock video or images, and music, with a basic voice over by a member of either your staff, or ours.
  • Our mid range video marketing service tier includes video recordings of your choice, with photos, images, music, and voice overs by a member of our staff, or yours. The main difference is the addition of actual video footage of your business or products.
  • Our professional video marketing tier includes professionally recording videos, msuic, graphics, and animation, with a selection of various voices to use for your voice over.
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Start Creating Now

We can help create the video your company needs to market your product or service.

01. About Us

Make it Active, LLC is a full service Marketing Agency located in Dover, NH, just minutes from Portsmouth.

We offer digital marketing services, including SEO, Website Design, Marketing, and graphic design.

About Us

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