SEO Maintenance

SEO Maintenance

SEO maintenance is the ongoing process of making adjustments to your website to achieve satisfactory search engine ranking results. The focus is ensuring that your content is accurately representing the website, in order to compete with others who also retain SEO companies to keep their business on top. SEO Maintenance services help maintain your existing high search engine ranking. This service is offered to businesses that are ranking higher for their main keywords, but have noticed new competition in those core keywords, which has them struggling to stay on top. Even though your website is at the top now, you won't stay there long without using proper SEO maintenance. There are many factors to consider when it comes to SEO that most people are unaware of.

SEO Is Ongoing

SEO / search engine optimization is an ongoing process that takes time. Not only does SEO take several hours per week of dedicated time, but it also requires a commitment to continue doing SEO for as long as you want to maintain those results. At first, SEO can take months to start to acheive good rank and be found on Google. Eventually, as your site ranks higher, the next concern is maintaining the results. If you have 10 keywords on the 1st page, you will quickly notice a drop in revenue as those keywords start slipping past the top 5 spots or pages. I call this "Top 5 SEO."

Top 5 SEO

The goal in any SEO campaign should be to achieve the top 5 results or pages. I like to have a handful of keywords that mean the most be what I rank for on the first few places, and another group of keywords or services I care less about ranking for, but still want them on the top 5 pages. You will likely never get top placement for every term. But, you should have your keywords figured out, and analyzed by an SEO professional to determine what keywords are the most important, what you are likely to rank well for, and what is going to take a long term strategy. Most importantly, prioritize your keywords into groups. 

In some cases, you may want to rank high for a handful of specific keywords or terms, but perhaps less important, or more difficult to attain keywords, you would want to still rank high, but are okay with not being on the first page. This is a reasonable strategy to keep yourself focused on the most important part of your business. Overtime, your goal should be to increase any terms which are valuable to your business, but be aware that the higher you want to rank, the more time it will take on a regular basis to reach those goals. 

SEO Maintenance Services

In my experience as a marketing professional with a 25 year career in marketing SEO maintenance is the most valuable tool for marketing anything. We are here to help grow, and maintain, your online presence through ongoing SEO maintenance services. No matter what place you are in today, it can change quickly due to many factors; including your competition, changes to search engine algorithms, new web technologies, etc. 

We utilize decades of experience to perform SEO maintenance, and keep your company competitive. For every business out there, there's another business wanting to surpass them on the internet. As more businesses get familiar with SEO, and the impact it has on their success, the more companies hire firms like ours to build up their website to keep them on top, or overtake their competitors. 

As a top SEO maintenance company, we offer basic and SEO maintenance plans to help your keep your business competitive.

Our SEO Process



SEO begins by meeting and coming up with a plan after determining your company's goals and objectives.


Search Engine Optimization services are provided, taking into account your keyword goals, and the desired result of the SEO campaign.


After a month or so has elapsed and the data are in, we gather the results and provide them for your review.


SEO is ongoing because your competitors are also doing SEO. Consistent results require continued SEO.
Why to choose us

Why To Choose Us

Search Engine Optimization100%
Social Media75%
Google Street View Tours100%
AdWords Management75%
Customer Satisfaction100%

SEO Maintenance Plans


$250 /Month
  • Analytics
  • Semi-annual Reports
  • 5 Keywords
  • -
  • -
  • -


$750 /Month
  • Dedicated time (Weekly)
  • Analytics
  • Quarterly Reports
  • 15 Keywords
  • -
  • -


Find out which plan is best for your company

We Will Match Prices!

We will match any local competitors price, but they won't be able to match our level of service and success! We are so sure that we are better than the competition, that we will match any local competitor's price for up to one year for similar SEO and online marketing services.* Give us a call at 603-814-9234 or Contact us via email for more information.

* We will match competitors pricing for similar services under similar terms. Must have a written proposal or verified pricing for us to match.

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