Local SEO and NAP,
(Name, Address, and Phone)

SEO is more than just keywords and backlinks. Learn about NAP and how we can improve your ranking with our local SEO services.
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Grow With Local SEO Services

Improving search engine ranking results using Local SEO and NAP - Name, Address, and Phone.
Local SEO Business Name
Business Names are often abreviated, missing suffixes, and can reduce the quality of your business presence online.
Local SEO Business Address
Addresses should be accurate, and consistently reflect the business location. Old addresses should be removed from the web as much as possible.
Local SEO Business Phone
Your phone number, like your email address, is one of the main points of contact. This is why it's important to make sure your phone number is accurate on as many websites as possible.

Local SEO

The Importance of Accurate Business Listings
An important aspect of SEO is ensuring your business information is consistent throughout the web. As local SEO professionals with clients throughout the USA, we help businesses grow locally. We ensure your name, address, and phone number are correct throughout the web. We also list your business in multiple high quality directory services; ensuring you have quality backlinks from legitimate websites.

Accurate Info

Accurate business information is one of the most important aspects of local SEO.


Quality backlinks, promoting your business helps ensure you come up on top.
Local SEO Google Analytics

Why Choose Us?

Here's Why Make it Active, LLC
is Your Best Choice for SEO

Local SEO Leaders

We have been digital marketing professionals for over 25 years on both sides of the country. From Silicon Valley to the Seacoast of NH, Make it Active, LLC is not your average digital marketing company. Our local SEO experts work with clients all over the country, helping them grow their business in their own cities and towns. We don't need to be local to your company, to help you get results. That's why our clients come from every state in the union.
Local SEO Traffic Increase
Local SEO Company

Longtime Google Partners

We have been partnering with Google for many years. While many digital marketing companies rely on faulty schemes and outdated SEO tactics, we use our talent and skills to grow businesses. We use tested white hat SEO methods approved by Google.

Consistent SEO Results

The proof is in the outcomes of our customers. Our clients' come for the value and quality, and stay for the results. Our goal is simple; to offer our clients' a return on investment. If your business grows with our service, you are likely to conitnue using us year after year. So we strive to ensure you grow and maintain the highest possible ranking so your business florishes.
Local SEO Google Ranking
“Make It Active has been helping with my company's SEO since late 2016 and we couldn't be happier. Professional and on top of the latest trends, they have been made some of the most difficult marketing efforts easy. I cant thank Make It Active enough”
“We are so grateful we found the Dillards! Brian and Kara are wonderful to work with. Fair pricing, lightning quick response, and proactive to all the needs we didn't even realize our business had. You'll know you can trust them from day one. We did!"
“Brian and his team have been nothing more than miraculous, from virtual tours to Search Engine Optimization and marketing, Brian is pivotal in helping my client's franchise business get found on search engines but especially via Google Searches and other marketing... getting the word out to our local New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts locations”
“Our business has grown year after year since working with Make It Active. Our placement stays high and each year more customers find us from Google.”


Popular Directories We Manage
For Your Local SEO Campaign
Local SEO Directories


Here are our 3 most popular Local SEO plans
Basic Local SEO
  • — Listing Management
  • — Directory Inclusion
  • — GMB Management
  • — Quarterly Analytics
Advanced Local SEO
  • — Listing Management
  • — Directory Inclusion
  • — GMB Management
  • — Website Optimization
  • — Monthly Analytics
Premium Local SEO
  • — Listing Management
  • — Directory Inclusion
  • — GMB Management
  • — Website Optimization
  • — Dedicated Time
  • — Detailed Monthly Reports

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01. About Us

Make it Active, LLC is a full service Marketing Agency located in Dover, NH, just minutes from Portsmouth.

We offer digital marketing services, including SEO, Website Design, Marketing, and graphic design.

About Us

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    New Company Logo
    Make it Active, LLC, one of the leading USA owned and operated marketing companies is introducing our new logo. We decided to create a new logo after over 25 years of using our previous logo. Learn more here.
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  • Cheap SEO
    When it comes to growing or sustaining a business, one thing all smart business owners should know is the importance of ROI. Paying attention to the return on investment is imperative if you want to not only sustain your business, but watch it grow. If you spend money on something specifically to increase revenue and grow your business, and it
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