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Marketing Consulting Services

We specialize in developing marketing strategies to effectively promote your products or services. We have over 26 years' experience aligning client goals with market opportunities, utilizing sound business coaching practices. Our marketing consultants focus on empowering our clients with sound business strategies to help grow their businesses.

One of our primary focuses as a company is offering ROI to each of our clients. While some marketing agencies offer planning and strategy, we offer professionally developed marketing strategies with the return on investment as our primary emphasis. With decades of experience in not only traditional marketing, but also digital marketing, and SEO, we have the necessary experience to help businesses of any size implement more effective marketing strategies.

What makes us different is our real-world strategies. We practice active lean marketing techniques to focus on what needs to be done, rather than dealing solely with potentials. Whether your company needs a marketing consultant, or SEO for your current website, we can help at Make it Active.

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Consulting Services

Marketing Plans

These plans are a good choice for short term goals. It usually takes about a week to complete this plan and provides a broad market analysis.
These plans are a good choice for quarterly goals. It usually takes about two weeks to complete and incorporates a more detailed market analysis.
These plans are good for long term annual goals. It takes 4-6 weeks to complete this plan and includes a more narrow focus and detailed market analysis.

Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis is one of the most important things your business can do to gain the competitive edge that you need to succeed.

By knowing what your competition offers, your business is equipped with the knowledge of what its position is in the market, and what trends your competitors are following.

This gives you the chance to surpass the competition and make it to the finish line with Make it Active!

Tradeshow Analysis

Do you know what tradeshows to attend? Where your customers are? What tradeshows are a resource, and which are simply a waste of money? Do you have the right presentation for the market?

Make it Active will perform a tradeshow analysis that will help you set your company apart from the competition. We will help your company discover:

  • What tradeshows are a "must attend," and which ones can provide you with additional leads.
  • Whether or not you are spending too much, or too little, on tradeshows.
  • Where your competitors are attending, and why or why not you should attend those shows.
  • Where your key customers are going, and the importance of protecting your market share by having a tradeshow presence.
  • Whether your booth properly demonstrates your product, and how it can improve.

We can also help you with determining a sound lead process, as well as proper lead follow-up. You can depend on Make it Active for all your tradeshow analysis needs.

GOTO Marketing Plans

Developing Strategic GOTO Market Plans. GoTo Market Strategy 
A GoTo market strategy can be the difference of your product hitting the target, or simply falling off the board. 

Have A Product Ready To Launch? 
Then let us help you launch it the right way! Make it Active has provided GoTo marketing plans for many companies and we can help you figure out the best approach to launching your product.

Lean Marketing Planning

Lean marketing is an initiative every business should have, though few actually use it as a business strategy. The concept is simple: Trim off the fat, so that your business achieves its goals by spending as little money as possible on marketing while at the same time achieving the desired results.

We can help your business lose some "weight." We focus on discontinuing outdated processes, slimming down the marketing expenditure, and reducing overall cost of marketing your business.

Due to the economic crisis we are now in, businesses are closing their doors around the nation. Lean marketing strategies are one of the most effective processes that can be followed by your sales and marketing teams to ensure your company's long term viability. Lean marketing is not simply about reducing marketing expenditures, but rather, increasing efficiency in the marketing process. There are many simple steps that can be taken to help achieve results at a reduced cost to your business.

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis is simply a method of determining your company's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. A simple, yet very effective plan to determine where your company can improve. Make it Active can create a SWOT Analysis for you today!

Budget Analysis

Make it Active can help your company determine a marketing budget based on past successes and failures in your previous budgets, as well as reviewing strategies employed by your competitors. Don't let a failing marketing budget cost your business. By using our proven Lean Marketing techniques, you can reduce your annual expenses and increase marketing output.

Market Positioning

Find out how to best position your company in the market. While this seems simple, often times additional resources are spent every year without properly looking at the market and the best strategies for positioning.

Vertical & Horizontal Market Review

We can help define your vertical and horizontal markets to determine the best stratagies for your business.

Customer Retention

In addition attracting new customers to your product or service, we can help develop customer retention plans for your business. We can point you in the right direction in terms of which CRM to use, how to use it, and what you can gain from properly implementing your current CRM. We can also train your staff, help provide resourceful management, and conduct surveys with your customers to determine their level of satisfaction with your company.Note: Customer retention is the single most important thing your business can focus on for long term success. It is much more difficult to get new customers than it is to keep existing customers.

Staff Training

Does your sales and marketing staff need additional training? We can help your business grow by utilizing the assets that you already have; your employees! We provide complete training for everything from basic marketing techniques to graphic design, web design, and even lean marketing initiatives so your company can have an internal results-oriented sales and marketing department.

Our marketing professionals have decades of experience to help energize any marketing department. We develop training programs specifically for the industry and company being served; offering more than boiler-plate ideas. Instead, we demonstrate effective marketing techniques and teach real-world marketing concepts.

Already have a capable marketing staff? Great! We can help teach your existing marketing department new marketing concepts, such as Internet Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and even teach web design strategies and effective online marketing.

Our Process



First we help develop a plan to meet the needs of your company.


The next step is to prepare the marketing campaign.


The third step is to take care of any deliverables for the project.


The final step is to evaluate the results of the campaign to determine what needs to be adjusted for the next campaign.

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Customer Satisfaction100%
Why to choose us

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Make it Active, LLC is a full service Marketing Agency located in Dover, NH, just minutes from Portsmouth.

We offer digital marketing services, including SEO, Website Design, Marketing, and graphic design.

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