Local SEO

Local SEO

We specialize in local SEO services. Our focus is on improving website rank for local businesses in any region. We help to build your business while offering long lasting, long-term results. It's not enough to just get found on search engines; now you need to be found in Google Maps in order for your business to get found by consumers.

As an SEO agency that deals with local, national, and international clients, there are big differences in the specialization required to produce results for either of these types of businesses. Many business owners might not be aware of these differences, and often struggle to gain, or maintain, their search engine presence. For example, when it comes to a national or international business, certain techniques are required to help build and maintain an online presence. The focus is of any SEO campaign in these instances would be on specific keywords, and a competitive analysis with similar national or international businesses.

When it comes to local companies, or small businesses in general, your company is likely to benefit from more in-depth local SEO specialization. In this case, we not only strengthen your existing keywords, but also help drive traffic by focusing on the particular region, while paying close attention to changes to the local region that impact ranking. This not only helps you stay competitive, but helps you grow your business, because the higher you are found on Google maps, the more people will likely be contacting your business first.

For example, let's say Portsmouth, NH is booming (it is), and a small pizza shop has never done SEO before. Perhaps this company doesn't even have a website because they never had the competition before. With the growth of that particular area, the need to be competitive becomes more important. This leads to a choice between doing more marketing to grow your business, or competing in a downwards price war, which can often be a "race to the bottom." People aren't using their phonebooks anymore, they are using their tablet, cell phone, computer, and sometimes even their TV or speaker to find a local business. So as print advertising is fading, the budget for local SEO and online marketing should be increased. Also, the need to become more familiar with local SEO grows.

This is why you need an SEO company that focuses on local results, and does everything to help build our business in your region. Whether you sell pizza or insurance, the most important thing is that you are found online, and that your business has the ability to compete with existing, or new businesses. For every small business that fails to budget for local SEO expenses, a few other businesses are picking up the slack. At this point, even a small store needs to focus their marketing and advertising budget to LOCAL SEO / Search Engine Optimization, and online marketing.

Smart Speaker Search

Our SEO Process



SEO begins by meeting and coming up with a plan after determining your company's goals and objectives.


Search Engine Optimization services are provided, taking into account your keyword goals, and the desired result of the SEO campaign.


After a month or so has elapsed and the data are in, we gather the results and provide them for your review.


SEO is ongoing because your competitors are also doing SEO. Consistent results require continued SEO.
Small Business SEO

Yes, Small Businesses Need To Compete

Most people aren't using the phone book anymore. Nor are customers simply stopping by local businesses to browse and shop. Most people now use the internet to find a business, research the company, and check reviews to find out what others are saying. This is why local SEO for small business is imperative today. If you’re not getting your business found on search engines, your competitors are. Just because your business is small, doesn’t mean you don’t have the opportunity for growth.

Local SEO provides a huge return on investment by helping small businesses grow. Just today (at the time this was written on March 27, 2018), we spoke with a client who said their profit increased by over $48,000 last year and that the last 2 years since working with us, have been their biggest growth peaks since starting their business 26 years ago!

We Offer More for Small Businesses

No Contract SEO

Just because you are a small or local business doesn't mean you should get stuck in a long-term contract.

We help small business grow without the pressure of a long term contract.

No Contract SEO

Long Term SEO

Search Engine Optimization should be included in every marketing budget If your website is not regularly optimized, you won't be able to compete.

Your competitors are doing SEO. Don't be left behind, optimize your website for search engines today.

Ongoing SEO

Reputation Management

Keep your online reputation good with our reputable reputation management services.

Don't make the mistake of waiting until it's too late.

Reputation Management

Services We Offer For Small Businesses

No matter where you are in the country, we can help grow your local business through SEO. We also offer many other services for small businesses, including Website Design, Marketing Consulting, Reputation Repair, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, and Printing. When it comes to printing, like most print companies, we use a national printhouse, which drop ships printing projects direct to our customers. The difference is, the quality of our service, and our prices. So, you may be a small business, but there is nothing small about the service you will receive from Make it Active!

Google Street View

Get a 360° virtual tour of your business

Google Verification

We can verify your business for Google

Search Engine Optimization

Make your website easy to find

SEM / Search Engine Marketing

PPC (Pay-per-click) Advertising

Reputation Management

Reputable rating management service

Social Media

We can manage your company's social media

Website Design Specials

Get a new website for 2018

E-Mail Marketing

Start emailing customers today


Start selling your product online

We Are Here to Perform SEO For Your Company!

Our clients tell the story best. We help increase search engine ranking through SEO to keep your business growing!

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Make it Active, LLC is a full service Marketing Agency located in Dover, NH, just minutes from Portsmouth.

We offer digital marketing services, including SEO, Website Design, Marketing, and graphic design.

About Us

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    Make it Active, LLC, one of the leading USA owned and operated marketing companies is introducing our new logo. We decided to create a new logo after over 25 years of using our previous logo. Learn more here.
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