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Our New Website

We are proud to announce our new website, which went live on April 24th, 2018! It's been a long process, but we are glad we finally had some time to sit down and work on our own website for a change.. not that we don't love doing websites for our clients. :-)

Prior to 2008, we would create a new website every year. Though tedious at times, it gave us the ability to showcase some of the latest website technologies. In 2008, we created what we considered to be our greatest company website to date. In fact, we loved the website so much, we continued using it all the way until 2016.

By that point, we realized we often mentioned the fact that our clients' websites needed to be mobile-friendly, realizing that our own was designed before people were regularly using cell phones to view websites. Plus, there were new search engine rules, requiring that a website be mobile friendly for search inclusion. So, we spent time creating a website, which we never intended on keeping around for long; we wanted to create something new at some point in 2016. Despite having a wonderful portfolio of websites to show clients, we were not impressed by our own website. Sure, it was mobile friendly, worked well, and was using all the latest website tech, but ultimately, it was not what we wanted. We did hear some good things from clients though, so we kept it going as long as we had to.

So, in October of 2017, we began planning and working on our new website; in-between doing clients' websites. While some people might understand the time it takes to create a truly great website with 20 or more years of content, most don't really know just how difficult it can be. It's not just about the time spent on the design; in fact, in most cases, the design itself may only be 20% of the time spent on a website. The time consuming parts are the development process and cleaning up redundant code and script that can slow down a website unnecessarily. This isn't including the tedious transfer process... copying and pasting page after page, only to discover a mistake or extra character, sending you (well, me), off into a frenzy, trying to find each and every last mistake. Needless to say, the process is tedious, and appears never-ending.

Another issue, is coming up with a decision on how to balance just how good you want the website to look, with how fast you want it to be. All these great graphics on our new website? Yeah, it can slow a website down. Most users don't notice it, but search engines do. So we have to balance how we want the website to look, with how fast we want it to be. This is difficult, because it puts us in a spot where we are trying to make it fast, but also want original and great looking content on each and every page.

Well, all that hard work paid off. As of today, we are proud (and relieved), to say we are finished (well, not really, but you don't know that), and our website is now live! We hope you enjoy it, and we'll look forward to creating a new website for your business!

- Brian (the exhausted website designer)

01. About Us

Make it Active, LLC is a full service Marketing Agency located in Dover, NH, just minutes from Portsmouth.

We offer digital marketing services, including SEO, Website Design, Marketing, and graphic design.

About Us

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