Make it Active prides itself on doing well with Search engine optimization and marketing. Most SEO firms do little “tricks of the trade” that can get you found at first, but will eventually lead to removal from many leading search engines. If you are considering any Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing company, make sure to verify what rules they follow. It may seem beneficial to jump up quickly for a short term increase, but in the end, your website and your business will suffer.

If you don't believe us, do a search for SEO and read what the actual search engine companies have to say about SEO. They give a pretty accurate description about how the industry works, and how many companies mislead their customers. Read for yourself what to expect from an SEO company, and I'm sure you will learn the differences and want to work with us. We want you to be informed, because the more you know, the more you will discover how valuable our services are.

In 1998, I was consulting for companies. Many asked, and were concerned with the "Y2K bug." On several occasions I was offered additional contracts to make their business "Y2K ready." I was astonished at the amount of clients concerned over this issue. So, I did my research and discovered the much of the fear was due to scare tactics used by other consultants, some actually setting up businesses specializing in Y2K consulting. I told my clients that it was a waste of money and for them not to worry and provided a list of links and resources to help ease their concerns. I could have taken the easy road to more business, but I'm not in business for the short term. I enjoy the relationships built with long-term clients.

My point about the Y2K nonsense is that Search Engine Optimization and Marketing works in pretty much the same way. Most SEO services are simply spammers and do little or nothing to help their clients. I have worked with several clients who were paying in excess of $1,000, $2,000 or more per month for an SEO company to basically do nothing. I inspected their website code, checked with Google, MSN Live, and Yahoo, and found time and time again that little or nothing was done to increase traffic to their website. In most cases they simply used "keyword spammers" and "directory links" if anything, which does not provide long term success with search engines.

We do not take advantage of our clients. In fact, we provide detailed monthly reports with all of our SEO plans to show the progress we have made. We even tell you, the client, how to "check our work" for yourself so you can make sure we are doing the job you deserve.

Find out more about our SEO Plans. We offer both contract SEO and no contract SEO services.

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Make it Active, LLC is a full service Marketing Agency located in Dover, NH, just minutes from Portsmouth.

We offer complete marketing solutions, including SEO, Website Design, Marketing, as well as graphic design and printing.

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    Refresh Your Website With Google!

    Make sure your business shows up online–for free! Help people in your city find you by getting your business on Google Search and Maps with FREE SEO techniques from a professional SEO agency and Google! Join us for a free workshop on Wednesday April 12th, 1-2 PM.

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    Give Your Website an SEO Makeover!

    At our next event, we will be playing a video direct from Mountain View, and will help get you the right information to help bring your business to the next level with SEO! Whether you are a local Portsmouth, NH business, or you are visiting from Maine, we can help your business with free information and tools from Google

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