If you get a call suggesting that you need to do something right away to save/protect/whatever your business on Google, you are getting a call from a scammer. Google does not call businesses like that. In fact, it is likely that you will never get a call from Google at all, and you will never receive robocalls, For more information about these scams, please see what Google has to say about these tactics and what you can do about it.

Our business recently relocated to New Hampshire, and were frustrated to find that so many businesses have been approached, and/or taken advantage of by these scammers claiming to represent Google. Being a small business ourselves; especially one that offers SEO, and other online marketing services, we find ourselves having to clear up misconceptions about search engine optimization, and successful online marketing strategies. Don't take our word for it, please see what Google has to say on this issue. We will never charge you to verify your business on Google, or update your listing.

To see what Google is doing about this issue in order to protect businesses, please read this article. To file a complaint against a company, please visit Google's Safety Center. If you need any help, feel free to contact us and we can provide you with free information mentioned above, and assist in any way to make sure your business is not taken advantage of by scam artists.

As stated in another FAQ, Proper SEO takes time and is ongoing. There are no quick solutions that are legitimate or long term. Sure, anyone with some basic knowledge can make some changes that MAY help temporarily, but there are long term consequences to these actions that you can read about on some of the links provided above. Your business could even be taken off Google for listening to scam advice from these companies. That is because real search engine optimization is understanding what key areas of your back end of your website to adjust, and what content you provide to customers. Actual content is the only way to achieve results; keyword spamming, backlinks, etc., for the most part, are scams, and sometimes just bad information that inexperienced web developer tell you because they think it will help your business.

Unfortunately, we have also met customers working with SEO companies that offer services to quickly help businesses get to the top, and promote backlinks, and other black-hat tactics. While I personally am not accusing these businesses of being scam artists, I would be careful about the advice you take from any company that goes against what Google itself states in the links provided above. You will find the advice listed on this site, and the advice that we, as a company, give you, are accurate, and comply with Google policies. That is because, our relationship with you, thrives when we give you honest, and accurate advice to help your business grow.

Make it active is different from other businesses that offer online marketing services. Our goal is to establish long term relationships with clients, not teach customers how to trick search engine algorithms. Once you find out that a company is doing one of these scams to your company, you will likely never do business with them again. That is why we would rather help you do things right in the first place, to help your business grow legitimately.

Considering that we offer a wide range of services, we care more about the relationship, than the "quick cash" that some of these other companies are looking for. In fact, being a partner with Google's free service to claim your google listing, gives us the ability to demonstrate our commitment to the local business community. We also employ a certified Google Trusted Photographer; one that is certified by Google to take, and publish directly on Google, Street View Tours taken inside of businesses. The certification can be verified by visiting the Google Street View | Hire page, and selecting New Hampshire as your state. As you will see, our photographer right here in Barrington, NH, comes up in this list of certified Google Trusted Photographers.

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    National Veteran Small Business Week Marketing Workshop
    Make it Active, LLC welcomes all veterans for National Veterans Small Business Week on Tuesday, November 5th at Noon. We will be providing information to veteran-owned businesses about reaching customers on Google. We will be providing free info about search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing to all veterans in attendance to help give you the tools needed to grow
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    Grow With Google & Make it Active 2019 Holiday Workshop
    Join Make it Active, LLC as we partner with Google and Constant Contact for our annual holiday marketing livestream in Dover, NH! Start off the 2019 holiday season right, and get your business ready! Event is on Wednesday, October 16th, 2019. We will have tips, tricks, and popcorn to bring in the holiday season.
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