How Much Should SEO Cost?

When it comes to SEO, one question that I am sure get's asked a lot is about how much SEO should cost. It's a simple question, but like many things, it requires a complex answer. While this is an oversimplification, it is true, nonetheless - there are 3 types of SEO Companies:

  • Cheap: These are companies offering SEO results for under $100 or $200 per month.
  • Mid-range: These are companies that offer SEO packages that range in price, depending on the time needed for the campaign.
  • High-end: These are the companies that charge thousands and offer a dedicated project manager, and provide constant reporting to the company.

Our services mainly fall under the mid-range of services, and we also offer some high end packages as well. While we do offer a basic "inexpensive" package, that is there mainly for people who do nothing, but would prefer some basic limited, SEO maintenance, without the high cost. We try to steer most clients away from this package, because we prefer quality of service, over quantity of clients.

The "Cheap" SEO companies are far from cheap. In fact, in our experience, these tend to be the most expensive. Why? First, if someone is actually working on Search Engine Optimization professionally, and can provide your business with real results, did you ever stop to think why, and how they could charge $100 per month to get those results? Do you honestly believe they are spending hours per week, at a rate of $10 per hour to get your company the results it needs, and the return on investment that will make your decision look good for the company?

The simple answer is, they don't do much of anything, and that's not even the costly part... The costly part is that in all cases... and I truly mean all of them, when a client comes to us after using one of these companies, they are often unhappy, seeing worse results than before using them, and are looking for a way to fix the position the "cheap" company put them in. Bad tactics can actually harm your rankings, and in some cases, even get you banned from Google altogether!

So why put yourself, and your business in that situation. With Make it Active, you are using a US-based company, doing US-based work, for US-based companies. You can call and speak to the person who does your SEO, you get real results, real responses, and can read real case studies from our clients.

Find out more about our SEO Plans. We offer both contract SEO and no contract SEO services.

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