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Did a Company Call You About SEO?

Were you told how easy it would be for a company to get you first place on Google using SEO? Perhaps a person sent you an email, or called you to tell you how your current SEO company wasn't doing a very good job? This is a common tactic with digital marketing companies. Imagine your competitors doing that to you in your industry… Doesn’t sound like an ethical company, does it?

Unfortunately, in our industry, people use any method possible to grow their business. That’s because you need a website that is updated and optimized for search engines on a regular basis. Internet marketing companies recognize that, and take advantage of it. This is an unfortunate part of working in this industry, as people use some of the worse techniques to get ahead. What is the truth about using SEO to get your website 1st place?

The truth is simply that nobody can guarantee anything when it comes to search engines. Some of us are experts in our field, while most are simply white labeling services from other countries. Others, however, do have understand the details, but the difference between companies is the process in which they use; some follow a test process that is more effective than others for long term growth. Sure, some are able to achieve quick results, but the costs outweigh the benefits. If your business is penalized by Google for violating policies, and is removed entirely, is that worth the short term benefits?

As someone who can answer that based on working with clients who previously utilized some of these other companies, I can tell you, the answer is no. It’s not worth risking your reputation for short term gains. Instead, we take a methodological approach which favors long term growth. Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t rank high quickly, nor does it mean we aren’t going to try to get you there. Ultimately, it all depends on the time we spend on each project, as the more time spent, is what has the most impact on ranking.

One thing we can assure you of, is that we always follow the correct pattern to get you where you need to be, and always work for the best interest of our clients. We look forward to the opportunity to show you how we can help your business grow.

Contact Make it Active, LLC so we can help with SEO for your company. We even offer NO CONTRACT SEO to take the pressure off of being stuck with a company you don't want to use.

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