Why should we chose you over other companies?

Why should we chose Make it Active over other companies?

We have always provided valuable services to our customers. Since relocating to NH in 2015, we have found that there are many choices for our customers as to who they do business with. In most cases, they stayed with their current company because they did not feel like going through the trouble of moving their somewhere else. They accepted that the cost of business involved paying for a web presence. They were told they would lose rank on Google if they moved to another company. Unfortunately, these customers were not happy with their current providers; often getting sub-par service by inexperienced, or otherwise unprofessional companies, offering less results, for more money.

Despite the presentation, the flashy website, and the professionalism at Make it Active, LLC, we are genuine, and are a small business looking to succeed by helping other businesses succeed. We do not oversell our services, nor do we charge more than necessary for your business. We care more about working with customers to build their business, and have them refer us, rather than overcharging them.

Because of our business philosophy, the majority of our customers are from referrals from other local businesses. We are partners with Google, and offer seminars on getting your business online, and managing your own Google business listing (all free of charge). We also offer Google Street View Tours for businesses throughout New Hampshire, to help not only show off your businesses to customers, but increase your place on Google Search and Google Maps.

The point is, what we offer helps businesses succeed, and most businesses that we have helped, know us, and trust that we provide them with not only the best marketing advice and website design, but also the most accurate information in regards to Google Search, SEO, and online marketing. In fact, we can not only demonstrate our integrity and professionalism by referrals, but by actions as well. Our methods are well documented on Google by what is a reputable company offering SEO. You can trust Make it Active, LLC, because we only do well, if your online exposure grows.

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Make it Active, LLC is a full service Marketing Agency located in Dover, NH, just minutes from Portsmouth.

We offer complete marketing solutions, including SEO, Website Design, Marketing, as well as graphic design and printing.

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    Start the year off right by utilizing digital marketing to grow your business. Learn how to use Google Analytics to gain insights into how consumers engage with businesses online. Learn best practices analyzing customer trends, SEO / Search Engine Optimization, and how to turn this data into results!
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    This is a regular occurrence for our business, and I’m sure it is for yours as well. You’re in the middle of something, whether it’s speaking with a customer, or trying to get some work done, when all of a sudden you hear the phone ring. When you answer it, you hear a robocall voice telling you there is a
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