Web Design Case Study

Client: The Storage Barn
Monthly Budget: $500
Project Description:
The Storage Barn is a storage facility in the seacoast region of New Hampshire. We started working with their owner in 2015, providing SEO services on a no-contract basis as the owner was skeptical about getting into a long term contract with a company that she was unfamiliar with. She gave us 1 quarter to show improvement, and by the end of the 3 month period, she decided to sign a contract and has been our customer ever since. Her business has continued growing, and she now owns 3 storage facilities in the seacoast region.
SEO, SEM, and Website Design
Estimated Delivery Time: Ongoing
Project Issues to Address:
Improve search engine placement to reduce advertising expenses.
Build new website to integrate with proprietary storage rental system.
Photograph facility and create Google Street View Virtual Tour

Services Performed

Website Design
This is the new website we created for a storage facility in Dover, NH in 2016. We currently maintain it and make adjustments on a regular basis to suit the clients needs. As with other clients, the owner was so impressed with the end results, they have remained our client since 2015.
SEO Services
Here is screenshot of the 360° virtual tour created in 2015.
One of my fondest memories of the client was when I first had a meeting with her. It was obvious she understood how to market and run a business. She had received information about SEO from a few other companies, which was not accurate. I was concerned at the time because as a business owner, I really hate giving contradicting information, or suggesting a client could be wrong; especially considering her business knowledge and success. However, despite giving her different advice, and suggesting there was a better way of doing SEO, she still decided to give our company a chance to prove ourselves. We continue to consider her one of our favorite clients because of this exchange of ideas at this first meeting.

Company Goals

Improve Search Presence
We created a new website, social media pages, a virtual tour, and improved online reputation.
Offer Real-World Results
Increase in online traffic resulted in real results; improving revenue by over 32% compared to the previous period.
This is a Google Analytics chart starting in October, 2015, all the way up until June 7th, 2018. As demonstrated in the image, we offer consistant, long term results.

What Does Our Client Think About Us?

How did you first hear about Make it Active?
I was a member of the Dover Main Street BOD and working at a booth at Apple Harvest, Brian introduced himself as new to town and explained what he did for work.  I happened to be just building a new storage facility called The Storage Barn and desperately needed help with my website and SEO.
What issues were you having prior to working with Make it Active?
What was the primary reason you chose to work with our company?
How has the quality of your website, search ranking, ROI, improved since working with us?
How have we solved problems for your business?
How has your overall experience been since working with us?
What kind of success have you had related to working with us?
What percentage has your business increased?
How has the quality of your website improved since prior to working with us?
What are you most impressed with as it relates to our company and services?
How will you use our services in the future?
Is there anything else you would like to add?
What Our Customer Said

Customer Review

"Extremely helpful with every aspect of our website, email and online marketing. Always quick to respond and make changes for us no matter how big or small. Friendly and professional. Easy to work with."

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