SEO Days Are Numbered... NOT!

The days of SEO are numbered… to infinity!

The Truth About SEO

I have read a lot of articles over the past 15 years or so, since SEO became a thing. People come up with all of these elaborate articles about how SEO is on its last leg, and that Google algorithms are quickly changing and making search engine optimization obsolete. The problem is, this is wrong. Actually, it's a little more complex than that. This is partially right, depending on what we’re talking about. Remember, rap music and computer gaming have also been “dying” for decades… Sure they are. ;-\

SEO, as it is practiced by actual professionals who understand digital marketing, will never die. To have someone go through your website to fix errors, update content to improve it, and make sure you're checking off all the right boxes to improve your website and search engine results will never go away. What will go away, however, are the scammy-spammy tactics that many digital marketing companies employ. Backlinks, keyword saturation, and URL redirects, oh my…

The companies who use these “bad actor” digital marketing agencies are the companies that need to be worried. These digital marketing agencies that use such strategies don't actually have a background in marketing, and don't really understand what makes website SEO "work," so they rely on tactics to give them an unnatural boost in search ranking. The results however, are fleeting, and more likely to produce a negative effect.

Search engines, like Google, recognize this, and regularly attempt to change their algorithm in order to level the playing field for website owners who don't violate the rules. It may not appear that way, but that's exactly what they're doing. Google relies on trust, and if people can't trust the search results they get, people won't use their search engine. So, Google and other search engines does everything possible to make sure that it improves the results people get from a search. This is a win-win situation for everyone… except maybe for scammers and phony digital marketing companies.

I have witnessed these tactics taking place as early as the mid 90s. I've also seen search engines fail due to their inability to promote trust in their search results. In fact, I have seen so many of the so-called digital marketing companies try to circumvent any attempt of search engines to improve results by finding new ways violating the rules and utilizing ineffective short-lived techniques. One thing I have argued about over the years is the importance of providing real results, and how to achieve those results by utilizing legitimate tactics that provide long-term benefits and gains, rather than short-term boosts that can drop on a whim.

I could show many emails where I have answered questions to my clients and specifically made the same statements I am making now. I also have frequently asked questions from as far back as the early-2000s, stating the exact same thing I'm stating now. I can demonstrate that I have shared the exact same viewpoint in 2009, as I do now in 2019 (well, it's December 19th, so it's almost 2020). The point is, my knowledge of what is required has not changed. Nor has my opinion of bad practices. Since I started creating websites in the early 90s, I have always believed that a website is part of your branding, and should demonstrate the best your company has to offer. If you make obvious attempts at using bad tactics, what does that say for your company? When Google decides to penalize you, because of bad practices, what then? As I've said many times (personally, and scattered throughout our website), I have worked with a few people who have been penalized prior to working with our company, and it is an uphill battle to get back up to where you want to be. Don't squander longevity due to desperation to get ahead by listening to people who don't know what they're talking about.

In my opinion, the process for marketing a website, other than the technical aspects, is pretty much the same now as it was in 1994. That doesn't mean tactics have remained exactly the same; some things have changed quite a bit. Ultimately though, it's pretty simple... If you create good content, make your website a resource for the product or service you're selling, your website will do well. Anything beyond that is just noise… and that's noise you shouldn't listen to.

TL;DR: SEO isn't going away, but bad tactics that circumvent the rules will always have a short life span. If you're considering using a company that would put your business at risk and actually harm your website rank, it's better for you to do SEO yourself with some trial and error and you'll probably get further. If you're ready for a company that knows what they're doing, that you can trust, and one that actually gets the job done, look no further!


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