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No Contract SEO Guide: Search Engine Optimization Without Limits

SEO Without A Contract

No Contract SEO Guide - No Limits

When it comes to SEO, one thing is certain; most companies want you to sign a contract for these types of digital marketing services. It's not necessarily a sinister reason that they use contracts; in fact, it can sometimes be a win-win situation. The problem is, when it’s a win-lose situation, you end up stuck in a long term agreement. If you have had problems with a digital marketing company before, it’s best to consider a company that offers no contract SEO services to avoid repeating the same situation.

Reasons To Choose SEO Without Contracts

There are various reasons why choosing a company that offers no contract SEO services will work best for your business. Much of this has to do with your business needs, what your marketing strategy is, and what role your website has in regards to growing business for your company. Some other reasons you might prefer using a no contract SEO plan:

  • For a one-time event, show, etc.
  • For cash-flow reasons - such as a new business that is starting out.
  • To “test the waters” to see how well SEO can improve website search engine ranking results.
  • To give a newly created website an SEO boost.
  • To test a company you are considering working with long term.

All of the items mentioned above can do just as well with short term search engine optimization. In fact, most of these reasons stated above may not even need to use these services long term, as it would be a waste of marketing funds. These are just some of the compelling reasons that you should consider a no contract SEO company, rather than signing a long term agreement.

Why We Offer SEO Without Contracts

We decided to do something different, and offer SEO without contracts; so that SEO could be performanced-based, rather than based on a particular length of time. We have had many potential clients come to us who had a bad experience, or weren’t seeing good results after their initial sign-up with an SEO company. So, we decided to do something that was uncommon in our industry and give people the chance to try our services, and see how it works for them. This way, if a company doesn't feel we are doing all that we can to increase their rank, or we aren't living up to their expectations, they can cancel services before the next billing cycle. They just let us know, and they won't be billed anymore and they are free to try another company.

What’s Good About Long Term SEO Services?

While there are many reasons avoiding a contract is the right decision, in many cases, a long term agreement may be what your company actually needs. Your website is here to stay, so you should make sure that it’s not only kept current, but is also driving sales for your business. Whether you have a retail location, or simply want to get more callers for a a home-based or on-location service-based business, you need a website that does more than simply look good.

Another reason for long term SEO is that it’s much more cost effective because it is less time consuming. No-contract SEO services often take more time because there are additional reporting requirements, and lots of effort is put into a service that is often divided over the life of the project. For example, when a new client is first setup for SEO services, there are many things that need to be done to get them started properly. This takes time, and while there is usually a setup fee for new clients, the whole project is often billed based on the time it will take overall. With a no-contract package, the same work is done over a shorter period of time, which may or may not continue beyond one month. Plus, there's often more reporting requirements. Reports which may traditionally be setup on a monthly or quarterly basis, will require a higher frequency in order to demonstrate the short term and ongoing progress.

No Contract SEO or Ongoing?

At Make it Active, LLC, we recommend reviewing the information above and deciding based on what will work for your company. Verify the company you are considering to use reputable, and confirm how they will measure your SEO campaign success. Once you feel comfortable with a long term agreement, then consider taking that step. Otherwise, a no contract SEO plan will work just fine. Just make sure that whatever digital marketing company you choose, they can provide actual results, Google Analytics reports, and detailed explanations about what the results mean. If they can’t provide those things; consider other options.

If you want to see how our basic no contract and monthly no contract SEO services can help your business, contact us or request a free SEO audit below.


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