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Getting fast SEO results: The facts and the fiction.

The Truth About Search Engine Optimization

Getting Fast Results With SEO

Has an SEO company promised to get you to the top of search engines quickly? Did they promise that you would be first place on Google, or at least have first page placement? Before you hire an online marketing company full of promises (among other things), read this article. I will explain the facts, and nothing but the facts. The truth is, you can can get higher search engine placement quickly… SOMETIMES. I have seen such results after working tirelessly for a client at a minimal of a few hours per day. This can take as much as 5-10 hours per week. If you are a large organization with many products, you might need 10 hours per week of SEO. However, most smaller businesses don’t need that much time, as that can be unnecessarily costly.

The truth is, while more time spent on your SEO can yield better short term and long term results, it will not guarantee first page placement. Also, time is based on the particular project; so, not all companies need as much time. So, this gets us to the problem with the digital marketing industry, particularly, companies selling SEO. The problem with those promising quick results is both the how, and the why, they are promising such results.

First, I'm sure you have read the old adage, "slow and steady wins the race?" If not, I'm either saying it wrong, or I'm so old, that Johnny Carson's monologue is my version of a "tweet." The truth is, the more work done for a client, overtime, the more steady their rank will be. Those who shoot up fast, can drop down just as quickly. When you have a responsible SEO company working for your best interests, you will consistently see the results you desire, as long as your expectations are grounded in sound business practices.

Think of it this way, if I were to tell you I could get 1000 people to walk into your business this month, you would laugh, or expect to pay thousands for such results. It’s just not realistic, and it isn’t something any digital marketing company can honestly can offer. For every 100 people that walk by your store, perhaps only a few will come in, and even fewer than that will buy something. This is the reality of business. We need to get our product or service in front of as many people as possible, so we can attract those few. This is how SEO works, and how websites have worked since the beginning. You need a good website to show what your company offers, and you need search engine optimization and search engine marketing to drive traffic to your website. The more people that visit, the more your business will potentially grow.

How SEO Works

So, with this basic understanding of how SEO works, why would you expect anything different? Why would you think a local SEO company would promise to get you first place on Google quickly? Why would you consider fast SEO results a reasonable outcome? Google's rank is a secret, but one thing dedicated SEO pro’s know, is that results are better over the long term. Quick results can squander long term efforts, and even worse, cause your website to actually lose rank, or get banned altogether. Most people who jump up quickly aren’t following the rules. This is the reality of business and is an example of how bad business practices can do far more harm than good. Again, slow and steady wins the race.

Another reason most companies promise to get you ranked higher on search engines quickly, is so they can use easy, common tactics that you could even use after a few hours and some time spent researching how to do it. If they can spend a handful of hours making some tweaks to get you quick results, how comfortable do you actually feel about their results? How stable do you think those results will be? Some of these so-called “SEO Pro’s” at these so-called “Digital Marketing Agencies,” simply want you to sign a contract so they can spend the next 11 months resting while they collect your monthly payments… Every so often, they will have their contact overseas make a few adjustments when they notice that your rank is slipping. Sounds secure, doesn’t it? Perhaps you should request server logs to see what IP addresses are accessing your website, and maybe you will learn something.

Many local digital marketing companies are mainly sales people selling web design and SEO services, and they pay contractors minimal amounts of money overseas to do minimal amounts of work. This is the way most digital marketing agencies and SEO companies work. Most of these people only care about quick results so they don't have long term work to do. Don’t get me wrong, not every company is like this. We have a few marketing agencies that outsource their SEO to us; because they trust us to do a good job, and they are honest with their clients that they are basically working as project managers, getting the best people for the job. I respect companies like that who are honest, and can refer a few.

Real People: Real Digital Marketing

Despite the fact that I speak negatively of the field of digital marketing, as I said, it's not representative of everyone out there. There are a few credible companies (Make it Active, LLC is very credible). However, I hate to break it to you, but companies like ours are rare. Speaking of that, why do we say “hate to break it to ya,” when we really don’t, and are usually trying to convey some wisdom of some sort? Who knows, but I caught your attention! See, I’m a real person writing this, in an almost nerdy conversational style, with bits of humor here and there (the article is here, so it’s all here).

So why do so many of these pro’s give you such bad advice? Because most of these digital marketing companies are fly-by-night, here one day, gone the next, kind of businesses. They always have mom's basement to move back into if they fail... Of course, the truth is, they only moved out of the basement because they are now living above her garage. I'm joking a bit, but the reasoning is grounded in reality. This is based on decades of actual experience. This is not based on living with our parents as adults. In fact, we've all been "adulting," (as these millennials like to say), since we were in our late teens (adults).

Search Engine Marketing - Digital Ads

The only way to show up at the top of search engines quickly, is via advertising such as Google Ads. Here’s another secret… Well, not really, since everyone knows this… The same companies that offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also offer SEM - Search Engine Marketing - which is all about managing your digital advertising. So, whether you fail at SEO or not, is irrelevant to these other companies, because they can double dip and make money from both of these services anyway. So, it’s a win-lose for them, in their favor.

I know I sound cynical, and considering we also offer both of these services (and many companies hire us for both of these services), it is almost self defeating. The truth is, I feel a sense of responsibility to educate businesses and individuals looking to pay for these services. Many of these companies switch from one digital marketing agency to the next, seeing the same results each time, and hoping to get better results “this time.” Those of you switching from various digital marketing companies, know what I'm talking about.

I hope I at least made you laugh during your time reading this. The truth is, we want your business, because we want to help you feel good about the results you get, so you will hire us forever, and ever. Plus, we offer so many services, you will want to use more of our services when you see the value and quality that we offer. So, there are reputable companies out there.

If you are ready to work with an honest SEO company, contact us. We don't play games, our prices are fair (not cheap, we don't live in Mom's basement). We even offer no contract SEO for those of you that were burned by one of these clowns.


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