What does "PUSH" Marketing stand for?

Nobody has ever asked this, so in full disclosure, this is simply an explanation in case anyone has ever wondered about our use of PUSH in our marketing materials. In fact, we don't usually use the word PUSH, rather, our marketing slogan spells it out...

Make it Possible, Make it Unique, Make it Simple, Make it Happen... Get it? PUSH!

The concept of PUSH goes far beyond the idea of "Push Marketing," which is a marketing technique; In fact, our idea of PUSH is far beyond that concept. When we work with a business, we do everything in our power to make it Possible for them to grow, by using creative and Unique designs, with a clear and Simple message. Ultimately, we want to make it Happen for any business that we work with. We strive to help businesses grow using sound strategies that work, rather than costly mistakes that don't. So whether we are talking about our slogan, or actual practices, Make it Active, LLC is always interested in using the right technique for right job, and we always stick by our motto!


Does Make it Active have a resellers permit?

When setting up an account with new vendors, it sometimes gets frustrating when they are in another state; as they don't always have information about taxes in all 50 states. This frequently asked questions page is to address this question when we are setting up a resellers account with any of our vendors.

The state of New Hampshire does not have a state sales tax. We also do not have an income tax. So, we would not have any kind of sellers permit, as it is not legally required in our state. Here is a detailed response from our state government which the state has suggested we refer vendors to when they have questions about state resellers requirements:

New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration


How far in advance should we hire a tradeshow consultant?

Tradeshows take lots of research, planning, and the preparation the first few weeks alone can be a full time job; especially if you need a booth, graphics, brochures, promotional materials, etc. We recomend hiring a consultant no more than 90 days prior to a show. While we can accommodate businesses with less notice, the costs go up significantly due to the time it takes to put everything together in such a short amount of time. There are are many deadlines to meet, each aspect of a tradeshow has deadlines. Freight should be received no later than a certain date, otherwise your company could incur additional charges with the tradeshow management group at the actual tradshow. This is why it is imperative to meet deadlines to avoid a constant state of emergency, which usually happens if you have fewer than 90 days to prepare for the tradeshow.


For decades Make it Active, LLC has provided printing to our customers. We have never advertised our printing services before, and only offered this as a value-added service to existing clients. Recently, due to a lack of local options in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire, especially here in Dover, we have decided to offer this service to the public.

We offer printing for any project. Whether you are looking for a business card, or a catalog, we can help with your project from start to finish. We can print everything from sales literature, and packaging, to large signs and banners. We also offer printing of political signs for the 2018 political season, as well as real estate sign printing!

There are multiple reasons why Make it Active, LLC is the right choice for printing in NH:
  • We are located in Dover, NH, just minutes from Portsmouth, NH, and Kittery, Maine; making us an obvious choice to customers seeking to work with a local marketing company.
  • We don't just offer printing, we have professional graphic designers, website developers, and marketing experts staffed at our Dover office.
  • Our prices can't be beat. In fact, we're so sure of it, we will match the price of any local competitors.*
  • We can ship anywhere in the country! We have a range of shipping options, even when you need something last minute, we can have turn-around time in as little as 3 business days!
  • We can help fix any print project to make it ready. We also offer very competitive graphic design rates, for when you need your product designed from scratch!

Almost all printers use large print houses to do their printing, and don't actually print in-house; basically, print shops offering printing servers traditionally work as print brokers; usually getting the same prices from established national print houses, and marking up their prices based on demand, complexity of the project, etc. Since printing is not our primary product, and only a value added service, our prices are kept competitive. Please Contact Us if you have a print project and need a quote.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

* Please note: We will match the price for the same quantity, quality, and project specs; e.g. paper weight, sheen, and color process for print-ready artwork. Graphic design and other charges are not included in price matching. Price matching is only done at the time of quote, and not after printing services have been ordered.

Please Contact Us if you have a print project and need a quote.

SEO Consulting

As the top SEO agency in Dover, NH, Make it Active, LLC offers Search Engine Optimization consulting services which gives your company the opportunity to utilize our services on a short term basis, while helping you to understand important key factors that will provide long term SEO strategies for success. This provides the chance to learn about SEO, train your staff to better understand online marketing principles, and helps to utilize available company resources to expand your business without solely relying on an outside agency such as ours.


Why use an SEO Agency from NH?

Make it Active, LLC is located in Dover, NH, the Seacoast of New Hampshire; However, we do business with companies throughout the country. In fact, we work with a few multi-national corporations. The location of the SEO Agency you use is unimportant; what is important is that they know how to perform global, national, and local SEO. Since our company is in NH, one of the most business-friendly states in the country, our prices are very competitive with SEO companies in some major surrounding cities such as Portland, ME, Boston, MA, and even NYC. 


Why should we choose Make it Active over a large SEO Agency in Boston?

We have been asked this only once, so I'm not sure I would consider this a "frequently asked question." Nonetheless, we felt it was a good question to answer in general, for prospective clients. One business owner said that a company from Boston stated "they were better, simply because being from a big city, they knew SEO better." If that's the case, our company being from both Los Angeles, and having an office in the Bay Area/Silicone Valley in the 90's must make our us the most knowledgeable  SEO company in New England! The truth is, SEO has little to do with where your company resides, and has more to do with long term knowledge about the industry.


Wordpress SEO

We offer full WordPress SEO and maintenance services. WordPress is the leading content management system, and performing Search Engine Optimization is a daunting task, as there are many issues when it comes to optimizing a WordPress website which Make it Active, LLC is knowledgeable in not only performing SEO, but also ensuring your goals are actually reflected on your wordpress website.


Joomla SEO

Make it Active, LLC offers full SEO services for all versions of Joomla, from 1.5, to 3.8 (though we hope you're no longer using version 1.5). Understanding how to perform SEO for Joomla is something we have mastered over the past 14 years working with Joomla since it was first released.

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