At Make it Active, we offer a very reasonable pricing structure based on several factors, including the time involved, the project itself, and the priority of the project. If you would like a quote, please Contact us now to speak with our marketing team about how we can save your company money!

Our pricing depends on the ongoing nature of the project. The more we work with our clients, the more we offer and the lower our rates; this is our business model because it increases customer retention. Therefore, as a potential client, you know our goal is a long-term relationship, rather than simply providing a "one-off" job.

For example, if a customer provides all of the information and images for a sales brochure for a graphic design project, and simply wants the project completed and printed, the rate would be lower than something more complex, such as creation of a catalog without a basic structure. Basically, If regular communication between an engineer, marketing manager, the sales team, etc. is required to complete the project, the rate would be higher.

SEO and Search Engine Marketing services to manage your search engine optimization and online advertising are based on set rates, since we follow specific procedures, and it is based on time spent for that particular product, service or company. Below you will find specific contract and non-contract prices for our online marketing services.

Website Design Pricing

The costs for website development can vary project to project, depending mainly on the content provided, how extensive the website is, and the goals of the business (maintaining an online presence, or growing the business online). Our pricing structure is based on speaking with hundreds of clients and potential customers in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Rather than paying a large sum up front, and being overcharged in hosting fees, we offer more services than our competitors, with reasonable and straightforward pricing. In fact, our typical price is lower, and we offer more, than most of our competitors!

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SEO Pricing

These are Make it Active's SEO pricing plans. For more details, click on "Choose" to select the plan and complete an intake form. We highly recommend you review our SEO FAQ's section, where we specifically discuss more details about how we perform SEO, and how we differ from the competition. We also offer non-contract SEO pricing, which depends on the goals and needs of the business. If you are interested in a non-contract plan, please contact us.

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SEO - Non-Contract Plans

Make it Active, LLC, is an Internet Marketing Agency, dedicated to providing SEO - Search Engine Optimization Services. We are located in Dover, NH and serve customers in NH, ME, VT, MA, and CA. Below is a list of our non-contract SEO plans. If you are interested in a contract plan, please see our annual SEO plans We offer discounted SEO pricing for all ongoing customers.

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Website Hosting Pricing

The costs for website hosting is simple. We only offer 4 plans, and 90% of our customers fall under the second plan. The only reason one of the other plans would be needed is if your website is a high volume website. High-volume websites (ones with lots of website traffic), are often resource intensive, and usually cost more to operate and store, as well as additional maintenance.

Hosting packages are based on speed, how many files will be transferred/downloaded, and how many people are hosted the particular server. The higher the price, the more resources that are allocated for that website. Not all websites need that many resources; so we give recommendations based on what we think you will need. Don't worry, if you get a hosting package that is too small for your needs, we don't charge you extra, we will simply notify you when it's time to move up to a bigger plan.

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Photography Pricing

We offer Google Maps Street View Tours by a certified Google Trusted Photographer for as low as $500 for a virtual tour. Each tour is different, and depends on the square footage of the business, and how many spheres are needed for the tour. For example; a small office, or retail location, that only includes a small open space with some products, is going to be rated differently, than a large retail location. There is no standard price, because it depends on the amount of spheres, and the complexity of the shoot.

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Business Coaching Pricing

Our pricing structure is based on the estimated project time and the work involved. The standard hourly rate for our initial consultation is $ 125. The average initial consultation is approximately $ 500. After the initial consultation, the pricing depends on the project, the desired outcome, the services rendered, and the retainer (if applicable). The initial consultation is reduced if you retain our services at that time because part of the fee is worked into the project. Therefore, there is little risk with having an initial consultation with us.

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Multimedia Pricing

Multimedia pricing is at our standard rate of $ 125 per hour. A 60-90 minute video recording, including setup, travel, approximately 4 hours of being onsite, and 8 hours of video editing and dvd conversion costs around $ 1,500.

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