Why use an SEO Agency from NH?

Make it Active, LLC is located in Dover, NH, the Seacoast of New Hampshire; However, we do business with companies throughout the country. In fact, we work with a few multi-national corporations. The location of the SEO Agency you use is unimportant; what is important is that they know how to perform global, national, and local SEO. Since our company is in NH, one of the most business-friendly states in the country, our prices are very competitive with SEO companies in some major surrounding cities such as Portland, ME, Boston, MA, and even NYC. 

Our company spent years offering online marketing services to customers throughout the country, from our original office in Oakland, and Los Angeles, CA. Since relocating to NH, while our focus is on local clients, we have had small businesses from around the country contact us on how we can help improve their SEO and online marketing strategy. Our approach, regardless of your location, is to understand your region, see where you are located on search engines, and improve those results strategically. Many SEO and Online Marketing Agency's in big cities have a much higher overhead; thus, must streamline their efforts, and charge rates to cover costs of doing businesses in those regions in which their business resides. Since our costs are low, we can offer more, for less.

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