Do you offer SEO for Joomla and other CMS's?

Yes, in fact, one of our areas of focus is on dynamic SEO processing. We provide SEO services to clients using Joomla, Drupal and other CMS's; even with dynamic url's! We specialize in making your CMS totally SEF (Search Engine Friendly).

If you are new to SEO, we will explain more about how CMS (Content Management Systems) display to search engines. If your company has a website that sells products for example, your file and folder names likely correspond with your products.

A good example would be our website. "" would be the best place to have our website services listed. However, with dynamic url's, they are often disguised, such as index.php?53232-33234, etc. This makes it more difficult for search engines to find your page; because after all, the goal for search engines is to find the most relevant content.

We have many years experience in either providing more search engine friendly (SEF) url's depending on the CMS you're using, or making your website more receptive to search engines by developing various scripts, and using various techniques to help your website make more sense to search engines.

In fact, we have been very successful in helping businesses and organizations overcome the drawbacks of dynamic urls even without the use of SEF url's! We have helped many clients achieve high rankings, and increase their overall traffic dramatically, using our specialized techniques.