What is SEO and Search Engine Optimization?

 SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is much more than providing keywords on a website. Companies like Google have revolutionized search engine technology. In order to be found on the web, it’s imperative to be noticed by the search engines. So, optimizing a website to come up in searches is an ongoing process. Even if you get first place, you can lost it quickly if your website is not properly optimized. Most SEO firms do little “tricks of the trade” that can get you found at first, but will eventually lead to removal from Google and other search engines. If you are considering any Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing company, make sure to verify what rules they follow. It may seem beneficial to jump up quickly for a short term increase, but in the end, your website and your business will suffer.

Be aware, no SEO company can promise first place. If you check with search engines, not companies or private sites, you will learn common practices of unreliable internet marketing companies and why they can actually hurt your business and keep you from getting traffic to your website.

We do things the right way, and our companies have benefited greatly from our experience. We have taken websites that were found on the 20th page on Google and brought them up to the first page and in many cases have even put them in 1st place!