Can our company do SEO in-house?

If you have a capable marketing staff, yes, it is possible. The question is whether or not it's cost effective. In our experience, there are very few companies that do SEO effectively. In fact, of all of the companies we have worked with, we have only once found a company that was doing SEO correctly.

That's not to say you can't do it in-house. Of course we would rather you hire us, but we do understand some companies want to do it in house; in such cases, we recommend a consultation with one of our online marketing experts to help your company prepare to do it yourselves.

Many people who work in IT, or have an understanding of web design think that SEO is just a matter of setting up meta descriptions and keywords, this only represents a very small aspect of SEO and often times does not produce results; we produce results, and can help your company produce results as well.

Be prepared, it usually takes at least 2-4 hours per week for an average website, and our search engine optimization experts do this daily. Someone who works in marketing, or in web design is likely to take much longer, as they don't do this regularly so don't have a process to follow. While we can help you create this process, it's also important that you take into consideration the time it will take. 4 or more hours per week is 20 or more hours per month, that might actually make it more costly to do SEO in-house when you factor in the use of your employee.