Graphic Design FAQs (10)

Questions about Graphic Design and Marketing Collateral.

Can you update our existing marketing materials?

Depending on the format, we can update your existing marketing materials for a small cost, and the amount of time it takes. If your literature already looks great, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel, which is why we can take your existing files and update them with whatever new information you want to include. We also offer printing services to all of our clients.


What is multimedia development?

Multimedia Authoring or development is the process of creating content which includes multiple forms of media. For example, a CD can contain audio, video, pictures, etc. Presentations are rich with multimedia and often include visuals, text, audio and video.

At Make it Active, we specialize in all multimedia business solutions including:

  • Presetations
  • DVD creation
  • Enhanced CD's
  • Video Recording and Editing

Is Website design considered online marketing, or graphic design?

Most "website designers" are just that; graphic design artists that use their understanding of graphic design to create a website.

Website design is listed under our "online marketing" section, instead of the graphic design section. The reason is, a website is a part of online marketing; and when we create a website, we do it from a marketing perspective. Online marketing is not just SEO - Search Engine Optimization, or SEM, Search Engine Marketing. Online marketing encompasses anything that is used as a means to market your business or organization online.

Yes, we are graphic designers, but we are marketing professionals first, therefore when we develop a website or anything else, the return on investment and the outcome of the particular marketing campaign takes precedents over anything else.


Do you make DVD's?

Yes, can create DVD's from your existing recordings or we can produce videos and marketing presentations from scratch. We use all digital equipment, which not only increases quality, but also reduces editing time dramatically. We can also create enhanced CD’s, which contain both audio and video content for use on both a CD player and a computer.

Our marketing experts can help with your next multimedia project.


What type of graphic design do you offer?

We offer complete graphic design solutions for all of your marketing needs, including logo creation, web graphics, posters, flyers, brochures, datasheets, sales sheets, and more. Our graphic designers have years experience developing high quality marketing graphics and literature. We also offer complete printing services and can also work with your existing printer to create the graphics that your organization needs.